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Full of rooting hormones, nutrients, vitamins and anti fungal agents Clonex is a game-changer for root development and propagation.


Clonex is a market leading rooting hormone that uses a gel base and is suitable for most plant types to aid in root formation and propoagation.


Since it's a gel, it will stick to stems and cuttings throughout the rooting process for increased effectiveness. it can also help to protect existing roots and prevent root infection by sealing cuts in the plant tissue.


A product that is sworn-by by many, especially those looking to greatly improve root growth and cutting and propogation succes.

How to use Clonex:

  • Remove side shoots from your mother plant with a sharp, sterile blade, cutting at an angle.
  •  Dip the cutting into the rooting gel, then insert it into a moistened rooting plug or propagating chamber.
  • Combine with Clonex Mist Spray for masximum results.

Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel 50ml