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Garden Geeks own blend specialist multi-purpose general houseplant soil mix.


Not sure what species your new houseplant is? Or maybe planting up a mixed planter or terrarium? This is the soil for you.


This general purpose potting mix contains a unique blend of coir, bark, sand, perlite, worm castings, horticultural grit and biochar suitable for most houseplants. This is due to its free-draining nature, while also using coir, perlite and worm castings to help retain moisture and release nutrients to stimulate growth.


Ideal for:

  • Terrarium building.
  • Planting with a variety of different species.
  • New to houseplants and not sure what you need to pot up. 


Comes in sizes:

  • Small: 1.5 Litre
  • Medium: 2.5 Litre
  • Large: 3.5 Litre

General Purpose Specialist Houseplant Soil

PriceFrom £3.50