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The House of Thol Waterworks is a natural, plastic free ​plant watering system designed in the Netherlands that aims to make caring for your houseplants hassle free.

The olla-inspired watering system technique helps to establish a natural connection between the terra-cotta cone and its surrounding soil and roots, while the large glass reservoir makes it easy to check the water level.


The stem can even be used with your empty beer and wine bottles, to give them an extra lease of life! Buy it seperate, or together as a set!


How to use:

  1. Submerge the terra-cotta cone in water long enough to saturate the material
  2. Carefully push the cone into the soil near the roots of your plant
  3. Fill the glass reservoir with water and place in the terra-cotta cone
  4. Refill when empty :-)

Waterworks - A Water Globe for Plants

PriceFrom £13.95