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This 750ml houseplant myst spray contains all the necessary nutrients that common houseplants love and will help condition your plants leaves to deter pests.


This rounded nutrient solution and growth enhancer contains a mix of mineral nutrients, organic nutrients, marine plant extracts, humic acid, fulvic acid and pure plant oils and fertiliser.


This myst is made for common houseplants such as anthuriums, calantheas, dracaenas, ficus, palms, poinsettias, cacti, succulents and bromeliads


Remeber, this product should be used in addition to your watering schedule, to help bring out the best in your houseplants. It is not as a substitute for watering.


  • Nutrient solution.
  • Growth enhancer.
  • Pest repellent.
  • Leaf conditioner.
  • Formulated for common houseplants.

Houseplant Myst Plant Nutrient Spray & Leaf Conditioner 750ml