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Garden Geeks own blend specialist houseplant soil mixture for Prayer Plants and Ficus.

Suitable for most Prayer Plant and Ficus species that like a higher level of moisture retention than that of most houseplants.


Our unique blend of coir, bark, perlite, sand, charcoa and worm castings creates a potting mix that maximises water holding capacity, while still allowing an adequate amount of air flow and oxygen to the plant roots, helping to minimise the chances of root rot.


Common Calethea and Ficus species include:

  • Calethea ornata (Pinstripe Plant)
  • Maranta leoconeura (Prayer Plant)
  • Ficus lyrata (Fiddle Leaf Fig)
  • Ficus benjimina (Weeping Fig)


Comes in Sizes:

  • Small: 1.5 Litre
  • Medium: 2.5 Litre
  • Large: 3.5 Litre

Prayer Plant & Ficus Specialist Houseplant Soil

PriceFrom £3.50