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The SANSI 70W LED grow light provides the full light spectrum required for your plant's full life cycle. Unlike lots of other grow lights, it appears as white light too, making it more functional for home and indoor use.


With its unique adjustable design, you can choose whether it's free standing, or hanging  giving up to 60 degrees coverage.


The 70W bulb uses patented ceramic technology and a unique hollow-out structure to  ensures good ventilation, quick heat dissipation and improve the light performance and lifetime


SANSI bulbs mix 380-780nm (all wavelengths) in every LED chip. This advanced optical structure ensures a  more uniform light distribution and improved spectrum proportion of blue, green and red light, making it ideal for most plants.


60W LED grow lights are widely applied to hydroponics, greenhouse, farming, growth chamber, plant factory, indoor garden, houseplants, office plants.


PLEASE NOTE: This product uses an international 2 pin plug. You will need a standard international converter to use it in UK sockets.


  • Patented ceramic design
  • Unique hollowed structure for improved efficiency
  • Full spectrum coverage suitable for most plants
  • Emits a white, daylight light, perfect for use in the home
  • Wattage: 70W

  • Beam Angle: 60°

  • 2 Pin plug

SANSI 70 Watt Indoor Grow Light (C21FS-BE)